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Fish Fest – A Fun Day For Kids In Dushore!

The third weekend of April, Dushore uses it’s most picturesque resource, Bob Kast’s Pond, to host Fish Fest. Fish Fest is also in conjunction with, and a celebration of Earth Day as well. It’s great to get out with family and friends and see what you can catch! The fishing is exclusively done by the children, and prizes are awarded for largest fish in each age group. This event not only raises funds for Dushore Area Business Association, which helps draw people to Dushore, but also provides for stocking of Bob Kast’s Pond with fish. Local businesses and residents are asked for a $5 donation to ‘sponsor’ a fish right before Fish Fest. Check out pictures of Zetts Fish Farm And Hatchery from Drifting, PA stocking the pond the week before Fish Fest. The pictures of the inaugural Fish Fest 2016 feature Mr. Mike Scurecki giving children a talk about respect for fish and other fishermen.

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